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Starr Williams

Hello there!  So, you’d like to know a bit about little ol’ me.  I’m happy to oblige!

I’m Starr Williams, I’m a country girl who enjoys her sweet tea and the occasional chocolate chip cookie… okay, maybe not so occasional, because chocolate!  Nuff said.  I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters and two little furbabies (I love black cats, always have and always will), and grandmother to two gorgeous toddlers who I adore.

I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, First Wave Indigo, Empath, and also a Lightworker.  I’ve been seriously involved in Lightworking for over 20 years (wow… hard to believe it’s been that long!)  Through Lightwork we can heal ourselves, others, and our Mother Earth. We can uplift, comfort, help raise vibrations and promote peace.  It’s a very important endeavor in our world right now, and more and more people are awakening to the call every day.  As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help people find their path and assist them along their journey to enlightenment.

From a young age, I questioned everything… especially when it came to religion. Do I believe in a higher power? Absolutely. I believe everything is energy, and we are all infinite beings. God, Goddess, Buddha, Higher Self… however you choose to believe, the basic principles are the same. Be a good person, do good things, be kind, and above all, love everyone.

Here are some facts about me that you might find interesting… buckle up, here we go.

We’ll start with the generic stuff

My favorite color is purple.  I’m a Leo.  I love to cook and bake and I’m pretty good at it (I might just share some of my favorite recipes with y’all occasionally).  I love all kinds of different music but I’m particularly fond of the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Lady GaGa, Def Leppard, Alabama, Brooks and Dunn, John Michael Montgomery, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  My favorite movie, depends on the day, but I’ll go with Mulan, Miss Congeniality, Fried Green Tomatoes, Shawshank Redepemtion, DaVinci Code, Mamma Mia, The Wedding Singer, or almost any disaster movie pretty much any day of the week.  I love Stephen King books (I know… seems odd for someone who does Lightwork, but he’s actually pretty insightful). I’ve been fascinated with dinosaurs since as far back as I can remember.  I love sports, especially football and volleyball.  I love playing board games, especially ones that allow you to be creative (like Balderdash and Cranium).  I collect Carousels, Unicorns and Pegasuses.  I can read people’s spirit animal guides.  One of my favorite nights out is karaoke with my friends.  My drink of choice is Margaritas because I’m a tequila kinda gal.

What got me started along this path?

As I said already, I always thought differently than others, especially when I was young.  That usually made me a target for ridicule and bullying, so I retreated into the comfort of movies and books.  Here’s where it gets a bit comical, bear with me.  I went to see “The Empire Strikes Back” with a friend when I was a young teen, and when Yoda started talking about everything being the force (energy) and being connected… well that was it.  The light bulb came on, and I nearly jumped up from my seat yelling “YES!  That’s it!!!”  It made perfect sense to me, I had no doubt that was exactly how things were.  No, I didn’t want to hail the Millennium Falcon to take me to Dagobah (though, come on… I would have gone anywhere with Han Solo), but I did want to learn more about how it all worked.  Stop laughing, I’m trying to be honest here.  Anyway, that was the epic origin of my Lightworking journey.

I was a fifth generation Mormon

Yep, you read that right.  Not that I have an issue with the Mormon church, but I did have a problem with the Bishop calling me an “abomination to God” because people came to me for help with otherworldly problems.  We were always taught to use the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, and that we would know these gifts if you felt “right” when you used them… I think the term they used was “a burning in the bosom”.  Well, I did just that, and it did feel “right” to be able to help these frightened folks.  My gift, well one of them, is clairaudience; I can also sense spirits.  People would come to me or call me, scared out of their mind and usually close to hysterics.  Most times, it was something very easily explained, but sometimes it was the real deal and I would work with them to alleviate their fears and help them take back their home.  That’s all they wanted, and I was happy to help, without charge.  For several years the current Bishop had no issue with it; he said he saw it as a way to help others, even if it is unconventional.  He was actually glad I had found a way to use the gifts in such a positive manner and not for monetary profit.  A few years later, enter the next Bishop on his high-horse telling me that such gifts are not gifts from God but rather from the devil himself.  Upset?  Yeah, you could say that… I actually fought back tears, it hurt that badly.  Then those words… Abomination to God… and I was done, just like that.  The hurt turned to outrage, and I stood up and walked out of his office mid-tirade and have never returned.  That is how good people get up-ended, by the scriptural interpretations of those who see themselves as beyond reproach and all knowing.  That’s the problem with organized religion IMHO; it’s the opinion and/or interpretation of the man up front that matters, and if you don’t agree then that makes you a heathen.

I know my heart, and I know my intentions are good.  I think God understands.  After some serious soul searching, I realized I am completely fine with my spirituality.  I don’t need anyone’s approval.  🙂

I am a born Tree Hugger and Animal Lover

I do, really, hug trees.  I walk barefoot outdoors, I play in the rain, and I love to lay in the grass and stare up at the stars at night.  I recycle and upcycle, and I love to garden.  As for animals, I love them and attract them like Elly May Clampett.  If there is a stray in our neighborhood, it always finds its way to our door.  I remember when I was very young and we lived way, way out in the country my Uncle used to ask my Mom not to bring me to visit while he was plowing because the horses would make a beeline for me across the field, plow and Uncle in tow.  Animals are not soulless creatures.  They can sense our energy, they know who they can trust.  I am a firm believer that you can gain great insight into a person by the way they treat animals.

I am an abuse survivor

My first husband was everything you would never want in a man… cruel, hateful, hurtful and violent.  Of course, he kept this side well hidden until we had married.  I understand all too well the mentality of a woman who stays with an abusive man… I stayed with mine for 12 years.  Being told you are ugly, stupid, no one else would want you, etc. etc… it wears you down and you begin to believe it.  The isolation and shame, it’s all a mental game for them.  One morning I just woke up, looked over at him and thought to myself “What are you doing???  You deserve better than this.”  It was just one of those AHA! moments, the light bulb came on.  I’m not sure why it was that particular morning, but I am thankful it did.  With this behind me, I use my experience to help abused women understand they ARE worthy of something better and not to let someone else determine their worth.

I have a wicked sense of humor

Yeah, everyone needs time out for fun and I’m no different.  I’m a prankster and I love a good joke.  I enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity with my closest friends, which I know kinda seems counterproductive to the mission of a Lightworker… but I see it as a parody of life, and who can’t use a good laugh?  After all, it is the best medicine!

Halloween is my favorite Holiday

I can’t help it, it makes me feel like a kid again!  Our family has always decorated and dressed up to hand out candy, usually in some sort of family theme.  A favorite was the year we did Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I was Titania, my fella was Nick Bottom (complete with donkey ears and such) and my daughters were Cobweb and Puck.  So much fun, and so many wonderful memories!


Now that you know a little more about me, there is one last thing I want to tell you.  I truly want to help those who are awakening to their sacred destiny.  When I first awakened to my mission as a Blue Ray First Wave Indigo, I was completely lost as to what my path was. There was so little information, and even fewer enlightened people around.  Many years of research, exasperation, grasping, refining, being ridiculed, battling inner fears, beating myself up, forgiving, letting go… and, finally, I have learned to truly love myself and appreciate the many opportunities I have had to become the radiant person I am today.  I want to share that knowledge, to help others grow and become more prepared for the wonderful blessings the Universe has to offer.

So…Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Blue Rays, Lightworkers… are you ready to begin?

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