Dealing with Disorders and other forms of Dis-ease – Part 1

I’ve been contemplating all this week how to really tackle this subject, because what I want everyone to realize are these things:

  1. Just because you’ve never dealt with it doesn’t mean you never will.
  2. Even though you may think some disorders are a bunch of hooey, that doesn’t make them any less debilitating to the person experiencing them.
  3. Be kind when dealing with someone who is currently going through something you don’t understand.  Every form of Disorder or Dis-ease is real enough to the person experiencing it to cause a problem.  Being judgmental doesn’t help.

Remember in my last post I wrote about health issues, and dealing with something new since last summer?  Here’s the story…

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 14 years ago.  The symptoms include: muscle and joint pain and tenderness; persistent or chronic fatigue; what we lovingly call “brain fog” (basically a decrease in memory and cognitive function); headaches; sensitivity to sensory stimuli (noises, smells, lights, etc); irritable bowel syndrome; sleep problems… and more.  You can read more about it here if you’d like.

The symptoms had began in my late teens; I didn’t really dwell on them, so I just kept on keeping on.  I played sports, gardened, cleaned, cooked… all the normal day to day things.  The only difference was my level of pain.  I just simply learned to live with it.  Since being diagnosed, I have learned that many, many Lightworkers suffer from this disorder.  Why?  Because many of these same symptoms are common with Ascension symptoms.  Our bodies are in a state of transition when we raise our vibration; that transition comes with waves of chaos most times.  We are adapting, simply put.  There are many articles on the subject.  What I’ve learned in my years of study and spiritual work is this: the best way to deal with it is some form of movement exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc) and energy clearing work.  I firmly believe that the root of our pain lies in our emotional system and plays havoc with our energy flow.  Know your chakras, learn how to work with them and keep them open and flowing.  When we have blockages caused by emotional distress, this is what causes our Dis-ease.  Acupuncture, Reiki, or any energy healing modality will help.

There is no “cure” for Fibromyalgia, but western medicine is good for stuffing you full of medications to treat symptoms instead of the cause.  Not everyone has the same symptoms, or the same intensity of symptoms.  The one thing everyone thinks they know about Fibro is it’s physical pain.  Well yes, it is, but we all know the power of the mind and our thoughts to manifest physical afflictions.

Here is what helped me:

  • Don’t fall into a victim mentality or allow yourself to use it as an excuse.  If you think “Oh, if I go out and play softball today, I’m going to pay for it tomorrow” then you most certainly will because that is what you are setting into place with that thought.  Don’t give it THAT power.  Don’t talk about it in negative contexts; if you must talk about it, do it with a triumphant air… you rose to the challenge and kicked its butt!
  • Keeping my emotional baggage unpacked.  When I had a flare up, I knew there was something that needed to be addressed.  Sometimes it wasn’t even something new… it would be something long buried, that I didn’t even realize had reared up to bite me in the arse until I finally saw it’s ugly head.  Think of it as a good game of Clue.
  • Keeping a journal.  Cliche maybe, but honestly it did help.  The main reason was because it helped me to keep track of things I may have forgotten happened, or the exact circumstances under which it happened.  Also, it was therapeutic to right it all out and purge it from my system.  A kind of mental and spiritual cleansing.  The reason I had even thought to do this was because of a past emotional trauma for which I had to seek therapy, and that was one of the first things she had recommended me to do.
  • Knowing my triggers.  We all have them. They can be almost anything, that’s the hell of it.  But knowing your triggers helps you to avoid situations that could cause an emotional imbalance.
  • Learning to accept the apology that never came and just let that stuff go.  This definitely falls into the category of energy work, but it is a mental endeavor nonetheless.  It was one of the hardest things for me to do, until a dear friend (Thank you Dee) told me “Starr, you only hurt yourself by holding on to all that crap.  You aren’t hurting them.”  Right she was too, because I had become so negative that I couldn’t even see the positive things right in front of me.  I was too focused on rehashing every single painful moment, dwelling in that, and letting the past eat up my present.  I was nothing short of amazed at how much better my pain became once I started letting things go.  I actually made a list and began crossing things off just so I could see progress.  I wrote in my journal.  I wrote letters that I never sent, expressing my hurt.  I had talks with the stuffed bear on my bed, or my cat (purr therapy is always beneficial).  I cried, a lot.  I hugged my daughters, a lot.  I found a craft project and focused on creating something beautiful.  It all helped.

Do your homework, find what works best for you and do that.  Above all, continue with your ascension work!

I will happily answer any questions you may have, just post them below in the comments.

Part 2 to come… that’s about the newly acquired disorder.  My original intention was to just have it all in one article, but later thought it was too much to just shove all this into one post.  Information overload.

Wishing you all much Love and Light!  May your day be brightly blessed!

~ Starr

One thought on “Dealing with Disorders and other forms of Dis-ease – Part 1

  1. Wow,Starr,thank you so much,this resonates for so many of us with chronic conditions. My anxiety issues follow similar patterns,and keeping baggage unpacked,rather than bottling things up,works wonders in helping keep my head above water. As does identifying triggers and avoiding the “why me” mind trap. And,most importantly,letting things go !! Though that can be hard to do,it feels so empowering and liberating when you manage it.Each time you succeed,you feel just that little bit stronger,and your confidence and self image get a big boost.Thank you for inspiring me,and so many others. You are a true angel.

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