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Dealing with Mercury Retrograde – September 17, 2015

Today begins Mercury Retrograde, which many always see as a chaotic time of year rife with malfunctions and misunderstandings.  I used to be one of those people, until I realized the purpose of this most hated time of year.

Mercury Retrograde is a time for personal growth.  During this time, we are pressed to release anything or any old patterns that do not serve our highest good.  It urges you out of your comfort zone, and sets you on a path to re-examine your life.  Do you have some routines that need a little tweaking for better time or energy management?  How about some habits that may not be in your best interests?  Or even something as small as redirecting your attention to new opportunities, away from anything stagnant or wasteful.  This is also a good time to finish up things that have been left incomplete or unresolved, both physically and spiritually.

The best thing you can do is be honest with yourself!  Don’t fight the changes, they are for your highest good.  Once you adopt this philosophy, Mercury Retrograde becomes much easier to manage and you could even find yourself looking forward to it (I know, hard to believe).  But I can attest to you, once I made this change in how I viewed this time of year I became much more centered and focused.  My life seemed to flow more easily.  It took some deep soul searching; a good many things came to light which I had been either ignoring or just flat out refused to let go.  I knew they weren’t for my highest good, but I clung to them for specific reasons.  Once I did my cosmic housecleaning, it opened the door to so many new opportunities!  Many of us are always saying “If I had more time…”  Well, guess what?  Now, right now, is the time to FIND that time.  I released from my life the biggest waste of my time, and I found that I really don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I give myself permission to revisit it on occasion, just for fun, but I do not dedicate the time and energy that I once had been wasting on it.  Talk about freedom!

Sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective.  You know you, better than anyone else, and you alone know where your time and energy can better be spent.  This is a time for introspection, reflection and redefining.

Don’t forget, be kind to yourself during this period!  Things will still get wonky; there will still be miscommunication and misunderstandings.  Don’t take things personally, just take a deep breath and let it go.  If there is a lesson to be learned, acknowledge it and move forward.  Be accepting of new ideas and fresh thinking!  The Universe is throwing you a big assist, and sometimes these new thoughts are pointers to a new direction for your life path.  Take notes, and when Mercury Retrograde is over you can dive straight in and act on them.

As with any Mercury Retrograde, here is a list of things to be watchful of:

  • Have patience with those you love.  Tempers can flair when things don’t go as expected, or when someone is trying to rid themselves of old habits.
  • Things will move at a much slower pace right now, so remember to be kind in the face of frustration.
  • Now is not the time to enter into new contracts, employment or make major purchases if it can be avoided.
  • Electronics have been know to malfunction during this period, so it’s a good idea to backup your data.
  • Things will get misplaced; try to make a conscious effort to remember where you are placing something important.
  • Sleep disturbances can cause problems during this period, so make every effort to get enough rest so that your health and mental well-being will not suffer.
  • Traveling is usually chaotic during Mercury Retrograde, so if you must travel make sure you have given yourself ample time for delays.  Also, make a list of any items you want to take along so you don’t forget anything at the last minute.  Be mindful of distractions while driving.
  • Communications often cause issues during this time; proof read your emails, think before speaking, and confirm all dates, appointments and/or meetings.
  • Watch your words carefully.  This is not the time to spread rumors or speak ill of others (not that there is ever a good time for these things).  Think before posting a rant to social media.
  • Now is a good time to get together with old friends and reminisce.

Brightest blessings to you, and may this Mercury Retrograde bring you clarification and direction.


Listen to your Intuition

Dear ones, 14 years ago today I learned how important it was to listen to our intuition, even when it seems to make absolutely no sense.

I had been been gifted a trip to watch a taping of Emeril Live from one of the cable companies for which we did IT work, so my husband and I took a 3 day weekend to NYC in January of 2001. On the way home, I saw the twin towers looming before us and something said “take a photo”. I thought, “I won’t be able to get a good photo right now… it’s rush hour, we can’t even pull over. I’ll take one next time we are here.” Then again the intuition. more insistent this time… “take it now or you’ll regret it”.

So, I snapped one photo through the windshield, then pulled over once we crossed the bridge and took another. Once home, life picked up where we had left it and I quickly forgot about the photos on my camera… until September 11th.

The Universe is guiding us… make sure you are listening.

Love instead of Judging

If you Judge people you have no room to Love themSomething has weighed heavy on my heart this past week, and I wanted to send a loving message to everyone. With the events in the news, it’s more important than ever to remain nonjudgmental… and I realize it’s not always easy. Judgement is not the way to peace. No one in this incarnation sees the big picture, the grand design; while you may not agree with something, it certainly does you no good to obsess over it. It’s very easy to get caught up in the drama, emotions are powerful motivators.

What we should and need to do instead is step back for just a moment… realize that everyone involved is a human being. You may not agree with what they have done or said, but that makes them no less a kindred soul. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

In this time of hatred, please join me in sending peace to the masses. Pray for the greater good of all involved, and that love will fill their hearts.

~ Namaste ~